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Sonntag, 29. Januar 2012

Superbit Rectangular costum Pot

This cool Shohin-Pot makes Gordon Duffett for me.
Thanks Gordon !!!

Little Caskade Pot from Gordon

This is a Beautyfull Multi-Color Kaskade Pot.

Duffett Shohin Pot

This is a new Glaze from Gordon, it´s green Crakelee.

Larch Yamadori for Spring 2012

This big Larch stand on a Stone in the Austrian Mountains. I will collect it on spring 2012.

Gordon Duffett Pot for Sale or Trade

The Pot is New and Unglazed. Measures are : 31 x 9 cm

Price are : 150,00 Euro without Shipping.

I can ship Worldwide

Brian Albright Pot for Sale or Trade

The Measures of the Pot are: 40 x 32 x 10,5 cm. The Pot is new and Unglazed.

Price are : 150,00 Euros without Shipping
I can Ship Worldwide !!!

John Pitt Trees at Noelanders

Johns beautyfull Larch and his Blackthorn Raft

The Stand from Gordon Duffett

Stand on Noelanders Trophy

Here the stand on Noelanders from my good Friend Wolfgang Meinhard and some of my Pots for Sale

Samstag, 28. Januar 2012

Big John Pitt Nanban Pot for Sale

I have a Big John Pitt Nanban Pot for Sale. The Measures: 56 x 11 cm Unglazed. Price for the New Potare maybe 400,00 Euros. 1 Foot of the Pot is Broken, but i will sale the Pot for only 150,00 Euros. I can send it Worldwide when you pay the shipping costs.
Please contact me at bonsaikeramik-ender @ web.de or bonsaiking@web.de
Greedings Norbert
Hello Folks, the Pot is in good Hands, sorry is Sold !!!

Shohin Pot from Duffett

A very Nice pot from Gordon. The White Cracelee Glaze was so smal. Very cool Pot. Thanks Gordon !!!

Some Commisions Pots from Gordon Duffett

A Big Commision Pot from Gordon he makes for me. Its was a 2 sided Pot.

John Pitt Pot

This was a great big Pot by John. Buy at Noelander-Trophy. 3 Times Fiering in the Kiln. Thanks John !!!

Catch from the Noelanders Trophy

This Pot is from Gordon Duffett. Catch for a Good Friend. Measurs : 31 x 9 cm Unglazed